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Valor Econômico: Study by Minerva and Imaflora shows that cattle ranches can capture carbon


An article published this Saturday (6/11) in the Valor Econômico newspaper included a study conducted by Minerva Foods, South America's largest beef exporter, and the Institute for Forest and Agricultural Management and Certification (Imaflora). The carbon balance was carried out in 25 cattle ranches that supply cattle to Minerva in the five countries where the company has meatpacking plants (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay) and the results were disclosed during an event at the World Climate Conference (COP-26) in Glasgow.


"The results show that it is possible to reduce emissions and this may inspire others to follow suit," said Isabel Garcia-Drigo, Imaflora's climate and agricultural chains manager, in a video interview given to Valor Econômico. She explained that the institute had already been conducting a carbon balance in coffee and grain farms, but was working towards extending it to cattle-ranching due to its relevance in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and in regional economies.


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