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Workshop for retailers in Cuiabá debates traceability of the cattle chain


Goals to reduce GHG emissions and international projects to monitor the cattle chain were some of the topics discussed in the workshop for retailers, which took place on Wednesday (24/11) in Cuiabá.


"Traceability rules will start to be required within Europe. For example, if a German company buys beef from an area of illegal deforestation, it can be sued within the country", stated Erich Masson from the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Mato Grosso. "There is great pressure for the circulation of environmentally friendly products," he added.

The event, organized by Imaflora's Beef on Track Program, in partnership with the Public Prosecutor’s Office, is one more in a series that encompasses several states and aims to train professionals in building and improving a Beef Purchasing Policy. This edition was attended by representatives from Big Lar, Machado and Comper.

The next workshop for retailers will take place on 1 December in Porto Velho (RO). For more information: